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Company Slogan

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LEFFER represents Hans Leffer GMBH, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of foundation construction machinery, casings, tools, and technical services. LEFFER offers high quality, reliable, and proven solutions for deep foundation construction including: fully cased pile boring, drilled shaft excavation, secant wall, and diaphragm wall construction for any soil conditions, project size, or foundation depth.

LEFFER offers a full product line of machinery including hydraulic casing rotators/oscillators, hydraulic power packs, grabs (spherical, hydraulic, hammer, and diaphragm wall) as well as a full line of mechanically jointed and double walled casings, HD tremie-pipes, and other accessories. To learn more about LEFFER’s full product line of foundation construction solutions, please Click Here.

LEFFER enjoys a strong technical reputation among our international customers, and is well known for:

    • Precision engineering
    • Quality and reliability of our products (ISO/ASME and other certifications)
    • Broad product line of standard machinery product solutions
    • Individual technical solutions with customized products, if needed
    • Shortest lead-times for fabrication
    • On-Time delivery, including emergency orders
    • Problem solving capabilities


LEFFER’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with a wide array of precision machines that allow us to fabricate equipment and parts that meet the unique needs of our customers’ jobsites. It also gives us end-to-end control of equipment solutions, resulting in shorter delivery times and quick turnaround of emergency orders.

We are certified to perform a variety of complex welding procedures, including SCAW, FCAW, GMAW, PULSED GMAW, and GTAW. We also have our own furnaces for post heat weld treatment (PWHT) and are certified to execute required non-destructive testing (NDT) in our workshops. This allows us to minimize residual stresses in material, resulting in tools that provide the necessary combination of power, accuracy, and dependability.

Machines and equipment fabricated in LEFFER’s facility have been used worldwide in large-diameter foundations at large depths in rock with compressive resistance up to 100 MPa (14,500 psi). This includes many of the foundations for skyscrapers in Hong Kong.

LEFFER Machines and Tools Are Reliable In Any Soil Condition

To learn more about Stahl-Und Apparatebau Hans LEFFER GMBH & CO KG, please download the company brochure or visit their website at: