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Grabs and Chisels for Fully Cased, Bored Shaft Excavation

As experts in deep foundation equipment, LEFFER offers a broad selection of grabs for crane excavation of fully cased, bored shafts. To penetrate hard soil, rocks or boulders, a selection of free-fall rock chisels are available. Regardless of the soil conditions, size or depth of drilling/excavation involved, vertical accuracy requirements, preference for cable/hydraulic actuation -LEFFER has a universal or specialized grab for the job.

LEFFER SeriesGrab TypeApplication
L SeriesHammer Grab – Scissors TypePile construction of fully/partially cased bores/drilled shafts
L SK, SZ, RK, RZ SeriesSpecial Hammer Grab – Pulley Type
LKG SeriesSpherical Grab
HKLG/ HKLG CD SeriesHydraulic Spherical Grab

Hammer Grab-Scissor Type

LEFFER Scissors Type hammer grabs are ideal for the drilling/excavation of fully cased pilings in most soil conditions. With 18 different models available, there is a LEFFER hammer grab sized for all except the largest of pile boring applications. The smallest of LEFFER hammer grabs, the L370,drills pilings with casing diameters from 390-470 mm and has a jaw/crown capacity of 9/26 Liters. The largest LEFFER hammer grab, the L1840, drills pilings with casing diameters from 1910-2000mm and has a jaw/crown capacity of 1000/520 Liters.

The LEFFER Scissors Type hammer grab is one of the most important tools used in pile construction, and its performance often determines the overall rate of drilling progress. LEFFER BG Series Hammer Grabs incorporate the best elements of several different hammer grab designs, along with patented design features, to deliver versatility and performance unmatched by other conventional hammer grabs. LEFFER Scissors Type hammer grabs can be used for pile boring in practically all different soil types- including cohesive soils and saturated soils. This versatility delivers value and economy by replacing several tools for different soil conditions with a single tool that can handle it all.

Hammer Grab Features and Benefits

Design suitable for practically all different soil types, including those with groundwaterVersatility. Economy
Choice of recommended double rope or optional singe rope operation*Quick, reliable, and economical operation in either mode. Flexibility
Design excludes wear prone cable pulleysLess maintenance
Closing force is produced by a scissor systemWear and dirt do not degrade performance
Design excludes a closing cable for the grabNo need for frequent replacement
Spring assisted jaw openingAdhesive soils are dumped more easily due to the forceful impact of opening the jaws
Streamlined grab bodyHigh fall velocity under water
Additional side pockets on lower section of grabIncreased filling capacity in soft soils
High strength, stress relieved constructionIncreased durability. Extended service life.

*Single rope operation requires a grab cover with latches and a simple chandelier

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