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Diaphragm Wall Chisels/Wall Cutter

LEFFER Diaphragm wall chisels penetrate rocks, boulders, and obstructions to speed grab excavation. LEFFER offers a selection of free-fall chisels for penetrating through rocks, boulders, bedrock, and other obstructions during diaphragm wall excavation. Together with broad a selection of specialized LEFFER Diaphragm Wall Grabs and Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grabs to choose from, the chisels form a complete solution for the rapid and efficient excavation of large and deep diaphragm wall construction projects through the toughest of soil conditions, previous foundations, and rock. LEFFER Chisels incorporate high-tensile, HARDOX steel on the cutting edges for resistance to wear and cold bending.

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LEFFER is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of foundation drilling equipment.