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Hydraulic Power Packs (PP)

LEFFER manufactures hydraulic power packs with modern industrial engines that match hydraulic casing driving machinery.

Built from the highest quality materials of construction, the units are compact, powerful, quiet, and designed for continuous operation, even under extreme conditions.

The use of a separate LEFFER power pack significantly increases the performance, flexibility, and reliability of the LEFFER casing oscillators and casing rotators. The housing of the power packs are designed to minimize noise emissions, which allows for utilization in noise-sensitive areas. In addition, the cooling circuits have been optimized to prevent overheating of both the engine and hydraulic components under extreme thermal conditions.

The power packs’ hydraulic systems feature a robust design that enables easy access to components, making them reliable and simple to maintain.

LEFFER Hydraulic Power Pack (PP) Features & Benefits Summary

Modern Industrial EnginesSafe, Clean, Reliable – with years of trouble free service
Easily maintained, serviced, and repaired
Global spare parts availability
Optimized cooling system designPrevents overheating of engine and hydraulic components under extreme thermal conditions
Noise containing housing designReduces overall job site noise levels
Can be used in noise sensitive job sites
Robust and proven hydraulic system designReliability. Easy access to components.
Easy to service and maintain.
Matched to specific LEFFER casing rotators and oscillatorsCost effective hydraulic power source. Increased boring equipment reliability, flexibility, and performance
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Compact. Powerful. Quiet. Designed for Continuous Operation Under Extreme Conditions.