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Hydraulic Retaining Clamp (SPA)

Retaining clamps used for drilled shafts with conventional drilling rigs.

LEFFER SPA Series hydraulic retaining clamps are used on jobs where fully or partially cased drilled shafts are produced with conventional drilling rigs. Retaining clamp models are available for maximum casing diameters from 880 to 1500mm, and provide secure retaining forces from 302 to 385 kN depending on the individual model.

Hydraulic Retaining Clamp (SPA) Features and Benefits

Oversize retaining cylinder, check valve, and accumulatorEnsures a safe and secure grip on the casing string while retracting with drilling rigs
Reduction InsertsClamps can be used on smaller diameter casings
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Retaining Clamps Used For Drilled Shafts With Conventional Drilling Rigs.