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Motorized Hydraulic Casing Rotators (RDM-M Series)

The LEFFER RDM-M Series of hydraulic casing rotators are motorized tracked units which offer a full 360 degrees rotation enabling true rock cutting for economical construction of fully cased, bored piles for deep, large diameter projects in hard soil conditions. Powerful hydraulic motors and cylinders apply high torque and large push down forces that enable rapid boring through the toughest of rock and concrete – making it also ideal for secant pile walls. Proven through decades of deep foundation construction experience, the RDM-M series of hydraulic casing rotators are durable, reliable, and economical. The RDM-M Series can accommodate casing diameters from 800 to 3000 mm, and can be used to bore pilings up to 100m (328 feet) in depth. For projects not requiring a motorized, track mounted casing rotator, LEFFER offer the RDM Series and RDM Compact series of hydraulic casing rotators that address the full range of casing diameters from 600 to 3000 mm.

The LEFFER RDM-M Series models differ from their RDM Series counterparts by being self-powered, mobile, and track-mounted units. RDM-M casing rotators include a matching LEFFER hydraulic power pack that is mounted on a rigidly attached and elevated mounting pad, powered crawler tracks for easy transit around the job site, and hydraulic extensible feet for leveling. Thus, the RDM-M Series of hydraulic casing rotators enable stand-alone boring operations, enable faster and easier equipment repositioning from piling to piling, and free up cranes or drill rigs during boring operations for maximum productivity.

LEFFER RDM Series Hydraulic Casing Rotator Features & Benefits Summary

Full 360 degree continuous rotation Reduced friction relative to casing oscillators
Enables drilling to depths of up to 100 meters/328 feet
Eliminates possibility of pile misalignment during drilling
High applied torque, push down, and lifting forcesEconomical and fast boring of piling shafts
Enables boring in hard soils and rocks with compressive resistance up to 240 Mpa (35,000 psi)
Amplifies the benefits of using casings with carbide teeth
Motorized with TracksRotator can be moved without auxiliary equipment
Rotator/Power pack assembly is easily rolled or pulled
Includes matching LEFFER Hydraulic Power Pack on elevated platformEnables complete standalone operation of casing rotator
Enables faster repositioning of equipment to next piling
Can move rotator and power pack as an assembly
Eliminates hydraulic supply-rotator mismatch
Latest generation diesel engine in hydraulic power packSafe, efficient, reliable, and clean diesel power for boring equipment
Hydraulic Extensible FeetSecurely levels and locates casing rotator in position for boring operations

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