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Stop End Elements (FFE)

LEFFER Stop End Elements are ideal for sealing panels in deep diaphragm wall trenches over 800mm wide.

LEFFER offers a stop end element solution that enables effective sealing of wall panels during diaphragm wall construction and rapid placement/removal. Precision engineered, and proven in decades of diaphragm wall construction, LEFFER Stop End Elements incorporate a rigid bolted joint design, a rubber sealing groove, and matching handling accessories. These features deliver reliable, watertight end panel sealing that can be quickly and easily assembled, inserted, removed, and disassembled.

LEFFER Stop End Elements are ideal for deep diaphragm walls over 800mm in width and offer an advantage over stop end pipes by not shortening the reinforcing section of the wall element. Stop End Elements are available in standard widths from 550 to 1450mm, in a variety of lengths of 2 to 15m. For projects requiring stop-end pipes, instead of stop end elements, LEFFER offers those as well.


Stop End Element Width – mm Available Element Lengths – m
550 2,4,6,8,10,12,15
Bolted element joint design with robust, precision machined mechanical connectionsEasier and faster disassembly - Prevents concrete from penetrating the joints. Superior mechanical integrity
Optional rubber seal mounting groove along the length of stop end elementsWatertight seal between the individual wall elements, better concrete integrity
Starter element wedge designFaster placement of stop end elements into trench
Optional matching head and set-up piece, Retaining and positioning device with mating holes in elementsEasier and faster placement into or removal of elements from wall trench. Superior element control for more accurate placement

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